Your child could be the next great actor

Get them started on their acting journey with Chelsea Acting Academy!

Fall 2023 Session Announcement!

Join us on Tuesdays starting September 19 for a special 10 week performance class culminating with a Christmas Performance in early December! Click on the CLASSES link for more information!

I have heard many people say “My child has an interest in theatre and acting, but there is no where close by to help them learn how. “

That’s why we’re here.

Chelsea, Alabama has so much to offer for young people, We have great sports, dance, music, and gymnastics opportunities – BUT there is no option for theatre! For that young person who dreams of being on stage. For the student who can’t find the perfect activity that really gets them going. For the child with a personality that screams – ‘They should be on Broadway!’

For those students, and many more.

Chelsea Acting Academy is for you. 

Chelsea acting academy was created to develop and train young actors.

The ages of 10-14 are the perfect ages to build a foundation of acting skills and techniques. Our mission is to teach theatre concepts in a fun, safe, engaging, and uplifting way that honors God first and empowers your child to see the potential within themselves. We believe that God has given every child has the potential to do great things – if only they have the chance!

How will Chelsea Acting Academy benefit my child?

The Benefits of Theatre for Children

Theatre and acting have been proven to make a positive impact on the lives of young people. Numerous studies have shown that academics, social skills, communication, and many other factors are improved when students are involved in the performing arts.

The benefits are many, and the impact can be lifelong.

Involvement in Theatre:


Increases Academic Performance


Improves Attendance & Engagement in School


Increases Reading Comprehension Scores


Builds Self-Esteem and Confidence


Develops Communication Skills

Group dynamic, interpersonal communication, discipline, work ethic, emotional understanding, empathy, confidence. These are all ways that students grow as individuals being a part of theatre!

What will each lesson include?

There are 5 major elements to each weekly lesson:

During our weekly classes, we will follow a simple structure that is designed to maximize our time and allow for each child to improve in their skills.

Warming Up

Vocal, Physical, and Mental warm ups to help us focus in!

Building Up

Acting lessons designed to add to your acting toolkit.

Acting Up

Putting skills into action with scene work and acting exercises.

Lifting Up

Positive feedback from each lesson to celebrate success.

Stepping Up

Weekly at home challenge to reinforce and apply the lesson

THe strategy

Weekly lessons filled with fun, engaging, and challenging acting exercises and skill building activities will provide each student with the opportunity to grow!

Small class sizes, individualized attention, age-appropriate material, and a spirit of positivity will allow each lesson to build upon the last.


The Result

You’ll see your child shine as they perform at their best and share their unique talents with the world.

You’ll see your child find joy and fulfillment in participating in an activity that will engage them fully: body, mind, and spirit.

You’ll see your child develop creativity and communication skills that will help them for a lifetime!



Come find your place in the cast at Chelsea Acting Academy!

How do we get started?

We are excited about launching classes during the week of January 16, 2023! Location of the classes is still TBD based on the size of each class offered. Read more about our class offerings, pricing, and details on our CLASSES page. 


Fill out the information Form.


Receive an Email with forms and payment information.


Pay Registration Fee to reserve your spot.


Show up to class on day one.